Movie Review: No Greater Love

Quite some time ago a movie caught my eye while I was shopping at a local Family Christian store. Recently, when I read the movie description online, I decided it was a movie I would rent and watch – some day. Over the past week, God has been whispering in my ear to watch the movie – now. I searched Instant movies on Netflix with no luck. I considered buying the movie, but the checking account argued. I wandered over to our local library’s website and searched – not only did they have it, but they had two copies. (I’m amazed at the Christian content of our public library and it has really helped me grow in my spirituality on a budget, but that’s a topic for another post.)

Yesterday, I sat down in the living room to watch “No Greater Love” – in the very same room my daughter was finishing her homework. Oh the joy of being able to watch a movie I’m interested in with my daughter in the same room and not have to worry about possible inappropriate content! Not only did it capture my attention immediately and hold it throughout the film, but when my daughter finished her homework (less than half way through the movie) she attentively watched the remainder of it with me. I was very pleased with the lessons it not only taught and reaffirmed for me, but the lessons my daughter was learning about faith, the Bible, prayer, God, marriage, relationships, and forgiveness.

“No Greater Love” is about a couple who were childhood friends, then high school sweethearts, and married in their early 20s. He struggled with setting boundaries between work and family; she struggled with alcohol, drugs, and postpartum depression after the birth of their first child. The arguments (which sounded quite familiar to me) escalated and she disappeared. The movie jumps ahead to when their son is ten years old and the husband has moved on. With encouragement and an invitation from a friend or colleague (I’m not entirely sure which), he sends his son to a local church’s children’s camp – and their world is suddenly interrupted and altered. The long-lost wife and mother is part of volunteer staff at the camp. The story goes on with the struggles they face after God has orchestrated their reunion – trust, anger, frustration, disappointment, sadness, joy, relief, tears, love, fear, and faith.

While most have not totally abandoned their family, this story could reach across many situations facing today’s marriage and relationships. Perhaps you are having marital problems, perhaps you are facing a possible divorce, or perhaps you are already divorced – this film will speak to you. It will touch your heart and it will make you think. It may even force you down on your knees in tears and prayer. It resounded so heavily in my heart. I contemplated it the rest of the evening, during my evening prayer, and even still this morning.

It is a lesson to be learned, an ounce of hope, and a reminder of faith. Regardless of whether you identify with the film or not (and I bet nearly every one will), it is a quality family film. Although I’m not familiar with the actors or the producers or the production company, it impressed me with skilled acting, expertly filmed and edited scenes, and a professionally produced appearance.

It was a treasure to be able to sit down and watch a quality film with my daughter that embraced traditional family values, honored God, and was free of unnecessary and inappropriate language and scenes. Rent it, borrow it, or buy it – watch this film sooner than later, with your family!


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