Book Review: Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Home

Strolling through a new discount shop one day, I happened upon two or three huge tables with mounds of books. It was only through coincidence (or divine providence?) that I came across a book from Mrs. Meyer. You may be familiar with the popular line of cleaning products, or you may be asking yourself who the heck she is. Well, as a self-proclaimed Domestic Engineering Executive and Home Manager I long to have her energy, ingenuity, organization and cleaning skills! I had no idea about the woman behind the products, or that she even really existed. (You can locate more information about Mrs. Meyer’s line of cleaning products at the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day website.)

I flipped through the book and was immediately interested when I saw some of her natural cleaning methods and the detailed cleaning information. I paid the bargain price and anxiously took it home with me. I expected to scan the book, making notes on key information I wanted to keep, but I found myself intensely reading or studying each page. It’s only now, during my second reading, that I am able to condense what I’ve read into personal notes. Combined with my other research, reading, and studying of household skills, Mrs. Meyer proves to be adding a lot of information and encouragement to my primary and most important life work – taking care of my family.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Home: No-nonsense advice that will inspire you to clean like the dickens by Mrs. Thelma A. Meyer is in essence the ultimate guide for anyone who has a home to clean, a family to keep organized, a pot to scrub, or a toilet that gets used. For “house wives,” to use the old-fashioned but straight-forward and honest term, I would advise it as a necessary reference book. It would also make a great gift for a young adult heading out on their own for the first time, newlyweds, or a house warming gift. Consider making a basket of cleaning supplies with this lovely book tucked inside.

Going room by room, Mrs. Meyer gives us a detailed look inside her family and cleaning schedule. A cleaning supply list titled “Toolbox” graces the beginning of each room section as she moves from the kitchen through the bathroom, living room, bedrooms, home office, laundry room, and even into “nooks & crannies” and the outdoors. One of the prime features that makes this book a great go-to reference is the list of recommended cleaning practices and agents for a wide variety of surface or material types. For example, in the kitchen section she provides a chart for the different types of sinks one may have including stainless steel, porcelain, copper, and stone. But she doesn’t stop there. Oh no. She continues on to discuss cleaning silverware, pots and pans, appliances, knife care, cabinets, cutting boards, and floors, noting key differences in cleaning protocol for each type of surface.

Mrs. Meyer effectively avoids making her cleaning book a dull read. Her quick lines of humor, anecdotal side notes and tips, and short family memory narratives add a sense of personality and joy to what would otherwise be just a boring reference book. Simple and limited but eye-pleasing illustrations and bright colors also help move the reader through the book. While I read it cover to cover the first time, this books organization and detailed table of contents makes it easy to locate individual pieces of information when specifically needed.

When my daughter heads out into the world, she will be receiving her own copy. For now, we have my copy to share while I model and teach her the proper way to care for a home, belongings, and family. Mrs. Meyer’s book will also now be my preferred gift for wedding showers, house-warmings, and maybe even graduations or 18th birthdays. Whether you aspire to be a grand house keeper like the women of ages past or are looking for fresh inspiration or are just starting out without a clue, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Home will be a priceless addition to your home. As I integrate much of Mrs. Meyer’s tips, ideas, and habits into my Home Management plan, I challenge you to see what Mrs. Meyer can do for your home!


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